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Rainwater Tanks Provide Some of The Safest Water Available. Unlike Mains Pressure Water, The Quality Of Your Tank’s Water Is Up To You. I Can Help Make Sure Your Water Is As Pure As The Day Your Water Tank Was Installed. Call Paul 0438 315 514

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Have you been looking for a water tank cleaning service to make sure your rainwater storage is safe, hygienic and free of any nasty contaminants?

Water Tank Cleaning Central Coast Lake MacquarieIn that case I have some good news for you.

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And if you are worried about what may be living in, or resting at the bottom of your drinking water storage tank, please read the information that follows.

Hello, my name is Paul Burgess and I have been a plumber for over 44 years. My business specialises in Rain Water Tank Cleaning.

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Now don’t get me wrong, what I have below is not to scare or upset you.

I love the taste of fresh clean rainwater better than any mains water I have tried ever.

But unlike mains pressure drinking water, the rainwater in your tanks is your responsibility. It’s up to you to make sure your drinking (and washing) water is clean, safe and healthy as you can make it.

So that said let’s get into the information you need to know so you can make an informed and intelligent decision about what’s going on in your water tank.

And with a little plumbing and water management savvy, what you can do to keep your water fresh and as pure as possible.

Facts About Water Storage and Water tank Cleaning;-

Water Tank Contamination from Toxic Chemicals, Physical Material & Microbial Sources

While collection and storage of rainwater for drinking in plastic or concrete water storage tanks provides some of the healthiest and sweetest tasting water you will ever drink, they do have a potential risk of contamination from a variety of sources.

The list of contaminants is quite long but it can be broken down into the following types.These include;

  • Toxic chemicals
  • Physical Material and Solids
  • Microbial Contamination.

The chemical contamination your water can be exposed to is fairly obvious.

Toxic chemical contamination

It can be caused by pest and herbicides, industrial waste and pollutants as well as a variety of other toxic sources.

Some contamination is difficult to control. Sources like traffic pollution, industrial and mine emissions as well as poor agricultural practices for instance.

Contamination arising closer to home and controllable by you include your roofs condition and the materials used in its construction. Your guttering, the water pipes and the cleanliness of your water tank itself.

Even a poorly placed wood heater flue can add to the level of contamination in your drinking water.

In Australia we are fortunate, this type of contamination is not such a big issue as in other parts of the world. On the whole, our rainwater is very clean..

That said though, it is foolish to ignore where and how our rainwater finally gets to us.

And just because you are doing the right thing when it comes to keeping dangerous chemicals and pollutants out of the water cycle, does not mean that everybody else is.

How Much Does Cleaning Your Water tank Cost 

There are many factors that influence how much cleaning your water tank will cost. There are things like the size of your tank, how long it has been since you’ve has it properly cleaned it, how dirty it is as well as several other factors that contribute to cost.

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